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                Fransk matlagingskurs

What better way to experience life, culture, language from France, than through its most beloved topic, Cuisine!

​I teach mainly French and Spanish cuisines and give also a unique innovative course in Oslo on the molecular gastronomy.

Based on my chemical background, my objectives are not to follow a recipe to the dot, but to explain the interactions of ingredients and molecular reactions!

Take for example the strawberry or the ananas that are "molecular twins" sharing many  commun molecules  that determine their precise smells ( mainly  citrus, cheesy and roasted aroma) and they matche perfectly to basil via citrus aromas. 

Not convinced ? Test at home the  different blending of ananas and/or strawberry with basil.                     

You will probably have the surprise to discover a unique harmony  in taste due to their molecular similarities! 

In addition to the recipes, I provide  to the students a sheet with 50 "foodpairing" combinations for fruits/vegetables and spices in order them to innovate and liberate their creativity while cooking.

Here you can find a selection multiples courses with 9 different themes that can be attended : 

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