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The Xplor Games 

LEK OG LÆR (2).png

The Xplor games are a 5 in 1 educational board game that includes the packs Xplor Fruits, Xplor Food, Xplor Civilizations, Xplor Nature, Xplor Quiz.  Everyone likes to learn while playing and my games can be used as educational tools for teachers and parents. With Xplor games, you are going to feed your curiosity, discover new fruits, vegetables, civilizations, and even play quizzes while learning about history and geography! The new Xplor Arctic allows you to explore even more... I use my games as supports to provide original taste and cultural workshops as well as innovative corporate team building, and birthday parties. The Xplor games and Xplor Artic are available in Norwegian, French, and English.

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