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I'm a cooking teacher and believe it or not, some of my students have never tasted a fresh pear or a beet ( not to mention a Kiwano)!

This is the reason why I have developed Xplor games.

I offer two innovative two workshops (one about fruits and another one about vegetables) destinated for the school/kindergarten or any other events such as seminar, cooking course... 

My workshops (in Norwegian or English or French) provide fun and simple ways to help children to give them more confidence/curiosity to try new fruits and vegetables and develop their taste buds.

My methodology is explained by rolling over this gallery of photos.

Methodology about Xplor workshops

I come to the school/ kindergarten with my ingredients and can offer different workshops for up to 25 students during 2-3 hours. 

Another module that includes a cooking course is possible for a period of 4-6 h or even more during a vacation camp. 
1.  We play  Xplor games with the goal (like our famous explorers of the game) to collect the natives' fruits and vegetables of each continent. The winner is awarded by a piece of chocolate. We learn that this is our explorer Hernan Cortes that first bought back to Europe the chocolate. 
2.  Once the game is over, we are ready to start our collective tasting session by using my « taste tests » document that allows us to :
-    Identify the basic 5 tastes ( sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, umami) and give a notation of each fruit/vegetable
-    Discover unusual pairings with fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  ( Examples of tasty pairings: Basil/Pineapple, Strawberry/Black pepper, melon/mint…)
-    Proceed with some blind tasting
-    Discover and enjoy new exotic fruits/vegetables like the  Kiwano, Mangosteen, Granadilla, Rambutan…
3.  We finish our workshop by learning how to really enjoy the food and develop the palate by using the wine tasting methodology ( first nose !)

All the participants take a leaflet with the activity sheet and my food pairing guides to reinforce the messages at home 




Photos Laure Brethous, Institut francais d'Oslo

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